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“Thank you for supporting my son. The lightness that he feels after spending time with you is obvious and we are glad that he has that outlet. You see his kindness and brilliance and encourage those to come to the forefront, and give him coping skills.” (Mom of 9 year old, Berkeley, 2023) “Juliane really helped my 6 year old daughter to find ways expressing her emotions in healthy ways. She now uses words to describe her feelings on a regular basis, and works hard to figure out how to ask me for what she needs. Juliane obviously loves the works that she does.” (Mom, Berkeley, 2020 “I wanted to say that you are one of the most lovely beings in K’s life and her journey with this horrible disease (Alzheimer). I hope that you can continue seeing K. for a little while longer, but even if that becomes impossible, know that you have changed the quality of of her life these last years through music and your wonderful presence.You could not have given her a greater gift.” (J.S. LCSW, Berkeley, 2018) “I deeply appreciate Juliane’s faith that we are each natural born drummers, and her gift in being a maestro to the art and play that magically and immediately appears in a drum circle. A huge thank you for her generosity of time, drums and shakers and much talent.” (Mom from mom & daughter drumcircle, 2017) “Juliane helped my son express all kinds of difficult feelings around our divorce. He could find ways for his intense anger to come out in sounds and transform them creatively and then also learn coping skills.” (Mom of 5 year old, 2022) “I was sceptical about how music might work in therapy, but all experiences facilitated by Juliane opened me and my body up to listen and be more attuned to myself. I found more strength, creativity and joy working with her.” (Adult, Berkeley 2023)